SAP CML MIS Specialist

Closing Date2024/01/07
Reference NumberDBS231114-1
Job TitleSAP CML MIS Specialist
Job Grade15
Job Type ClassificationPermanent
Location – Town / CityMidrand
Location – ProvinceGauteng
Location – CountrySouth Africa
Job Profile (Downloadable)SAP CML MIS Specialist 31 Oct 2023.docx.pdf (375.29 kb) – 11/24/2023 6:16:57 AM
Job DescriptionThe purpose of this job is to implement, maintain and enhance the configuration of the SAP CML module. Provide first and second line support to the SAP CML end users and provide system information in report format of DBSA’s Credit portfolio. 
Key ResponsibilitiesSAP System 

Responsible for configuration, functional specifications, test scripts and conduct testing of configured system as well as coordinate set-ups, enhancements and upgrades.
Manage the production of technical, functional and user documentation.
Provide expert advice on matters pertaining to the specific specialist area of SAP.
Gather facts, analyse the business processes, draw conclusions and provide solutions to solve the technical issues in SAP CML, taking into consideration BP and FI-CO.
Conduct mass uploads of data and test in preparation for transport to the production environment.
Participate in workshops and presentations to validate the business design (blue printing) for new functionality and changes to the SAP CML system.
Work with other stakeholders to help develop, maintain and support a variety of reports or queries utilising appropriate reporting tools.
Implement structures to maintain SAP CML and provide end users continuous communication of system changes.
Provide input into the SAP business/implementation strategy.
Design SAP new product solutions based on new business requirements.
Work with the divisional functional departments on their respective reporting requirements to develop a common view and to address product specific needs.


Provide 1st and 2nd level support for SAP CML related incidents logged.
Single point of contact between end users, SAP Specialists/Developers and SAP Competency centre.
Manage all SAP CML incidents:

Log incidents on behalf of SAP CML end users.
Monthly review of SAP CML users and their associated roles, activity, and authorisations.
Facilitate audits in respect of authorisations and linking roles to positions.
Monitor completeness of data on SAP CML system, report and request corrective action to be    taken.

Report on the status of various aspects of the SAP CML products.
Maintain adherence to sound corporate governance principles.

End User Support

Manage the production of technical, functional and end user documentation.
Prepare technical documentation and end user manuals.
Provide training to SAP CML users, including technical training to end users to ensure knowledge sharing on the usage of SAP and specific business processes to ensure there is a competent user base.
Generate management information and statistics to facilitate informed decision making.
Review and recommend process/customer service improvements and innovative solutions to SAP CML to improve DBSA client service.
Adhere to SAP standards in terms of project delivery and ensure high quality of service delivery.
Participate on bank wide projects and initiatives where CML systems expertise is required.
Work together with the divisional functional departments on their respective reporting requirements to develop a common view and to address product specific needs.

Key measurements of outputs

SAP configured according to end-user requirements and specifications.
End-user incidents resolved within the specified turn-around times.
Technical documentation and end-user manuals updated.

Expertise & Technical CompetenciesMinimum Requirements
1. A Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or equivalent.
2. SAP K3 Rating Certification.
3. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in SAP CML configuration.
4. Solid knowledge and experience of CML system configuration and system maintenance.

Desired Requirements
1. A post graduate qualification in Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science.
2. An understanding of ABAP code.
3. Experience in at least two full life cycle implementation projects.
4. Understanding of the lending products lifecycle process from origination to implementation and the disbursement process including other SAP modules e.g., BP and FI/Co.
5. SAP S/4 HANA experience.
6. Experience in the financial services industry. 
a) Reporting

Designs / customizes reports to meet user needs.
Prepares complex or tailored reports, gathers information from a variety of sources, analyses and includes in a report.
Keeps standard reports under review and proposes improvements to meet user needs.

b) Planning & Organizing

Is relied on to help others plan and organise their workload.
Effectively uses advanced time management processes to deal with high workload and tight deadlines.
Organises, prioritises and schedules tasks so they can be performed within budget and with the efficient use of time and resources.
Achieves goals in a timely manner, despite obstacles encountered, by organising, reprioritising and re-planning.

c) Negotiation Skills

Understands and can apply basic negotiating skills and techniques, e.g., obtaining a full understanding of the other party’s agenda and needs before disclosing own perspectives.
Possesses an understanding of various unspoken communications from other parties and can decipher hidden agendas.
Is able to successfully conclude negotiations which require the development of an emotional as well as factual argument.
Is able to develop mutually beneficial potential solutions.

d) Written Communication

Understands that different writing styles are required for different documents or audiences.
Write effective correspondence, prepares questions and reports, statements of circumstance and briefing notes.
Reviews others’ documents for clarity and impact.
Has a solid mastery of writing principles such as grammar, sentence construction etc.

e) IT Support

Contacts end-user / customer to follow up on services and/or solutions to ensure that their needs have been correctly and effectively met.
Understands issues from the end-user/customer’s perspective.
Keeps end-user/customer up to date with information and decisions that affect him/her.
Monitors services provided to end-user / customer and makes timely adjustments as required.
Proposes new, creative and sound alternatives to improve technical services.
Uses advanced techniques in solving technical problems.

f) Data Collection and Analysis:

Based on knowledge of the reasons behind the analysis, is able to define the most appropriate means of data collection.
Is able to develop formats for data collection.
Is able to define the most appropriate internal and external data/information sources.
Identifies key facts in an array of data, recognises when pertinent facts are incorrect, missing, or require supplementation or verification.
Breaks down data into component parts to understand the nature and relationship of the parts.
Has a broad knowledge of statistical data-handling techniques.
Can undertake more comprehensive analysis of data/information but is not required to draw conclusions.
Required Personal AttributesBEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCIES
a) Customer Service Orientation

Tries to understand the underlying needs of customers and matches these needs to available or customized products and services.
Adapts processes and procedures to meet on-going customer needs.
Utilises the feedback received by customers, in order to develop new and/or improve existing services/ products that relate to their on-going needs.
Thinks of new ways to align DBSA’s offerings with future customer needs.

b) Self-awareness and Self Control

Withholds effects of strong emotions in difficult situations.
Keeps functioning or responds constructively despite stress.
May apply special techniques or plan ahead of time to manage emotions or stress.

c) Strategic and Innovative Thinking

Experiments with new approaches, tests scenarios, questions assumptions and challenges conventional thinking.
Creates new concepts that are not obvious to others, leveraging internal and external sources of information, to build incremental revenue and growth opportunities.

d) Driving delivery of results

Sets challenging goals that will have a significant impact on the business or support the organisational strategy.
Commits significant resources and/or time to ensure that challenging goals are achieved, while also taking action to mitigate risk.

e) Teamwork & Cooperation

Acts to promote a friendly climate and good morale and resolves conflicts.
Creates opportunities for cross-functional working.
Encourages others to network outside of their own team/department and learn from their experience.

f) Attention to Detail

Double-checks the accuracy of information or work.
Ensures that the work produced doesn’t contain any errors.

g) Integrity

Takes pride in being trustworthy, serves all equally, respects others and embraces diversity.
Is honest in all relations (internal/external relations).

h) Problem Solving:

Identifies optimal solutions based on weighing the advantages and disadvantages of alternative approaches.
Implements solutions, then evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of solutions.

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