Look after Company vehicles, collect information when there is accidents, and liaise with Managers

Keep a list of all the vehicles and ensure that the drivers sign in and out the vehicle keys daily. Visit all the depots under the Transport Officer’s control, to check if the vehicles are in good condition and if they are used by the same driver they were originally allocated to. Do vehicle inspections monthly, record defects and take necessary steps where they are not reported. Make bookings with the dealers/workshop for the vehicle to be deliverer for repairs. Inform the Line Managers in advance when the vehicle should be delivered for repairs so that they can do their planning. Make sure that the vehicle is collected when ready for collection from the workshop. Monitor the workshop turnaround time and make the Lead Transport Officer aware of the licence disc that has not been delivered. Make sure that the accident is reported and obtain the reference number as soon as possible. Assist drivers to fill in the insurance accident claim form and submit it before the due date. Keep records of all the driver tags issued. Check daily if the drivers and the Line Managers adhere to the JW vehicle policy and where there are problems take the necessary action. The Transport Officers will be required to travel to the suppliers, various depots, meetings, breakdowns, accident scenes and sometimes to the driver’s place of residents. Be able to work standby and overtime as and when required.

Essential qualifications and experience:

• Diploma / Higher Certificate (NQF5) in Transportation/ Logistics Management.
• 3 years’ experience in fleet management services.
• Valid Code B Driver’s License.
Please forward your CV and qualifications to: quoting the relevant reference number and job title in the line subject of your correspondence.

Closing date: 13 July 2023

All the best with your applications


  1. I am hereby confirmed that I don’t have diploma of transportation, I’m only had diploma of policing, I can do the job as is wrote in this requirement needed.

  2. Hi I am here confirming that I have C1 license code n I don’t have experience bcz I just completed my degree if BCom of Transport and Logistics at UNISA…please recognize my CV on ur email I thank you

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