Group Executive: Sales


Reporting line :  Chief Operating Officer

Division           : SALES

Scale Code      : 115

Position ID     : 60020066



Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer : the successful incumbent will be responsible for positioning the Commercial Services of the Organisation to grow and retain a commercial client base in a competitive broadcasting environment and continuously grow revenue market share to match audience share as well as maximise revenue potential by building a world class brand.

Duties and Responsibilities: Develop the Sales Division strategy to enable organisational revenue collection. Provide Strategic direction to Senior Management Team to provide a cost effective, reliable and sustainable service. Develop and review the Sales Operating Model in line with broader organisational business objectives. Position Sales to grow and retain a commercial client base in a competitive broadcasting environment. Provide feedback and monitor successful down-cascading of strategy, Exco and board directives within Departments. Oversee Divisional operational expenditure against approved budget and introduce corrective measures to ensure financial discipline and accountability. Set guidelines on optimal fund distribution/ allocation in accordance with the organisational budget constraints and strategic/ operational requirements. High-level review of all projects to evaluate progress. Manage assets in accordance with organisational Asset Management Policy. Continuously grow revenue market share to match audience share and beyond. Ensure that Sales departments perform in line with strategy which is to identify opportunities and an effective way to maximize market share in revenue generation. Ensure optimal integration of functions and strategies, in order to achieve objectives and increase revenue. Position the organisation as advertising medium of choice for advertisers. Lead innovation/creative thinking in revenue generation. Identify and sustain new sources of revenue for the organisation in terms of advertising, sponsorships and promotions. Ensure accurate and pro-active market research. Monitor implementation of Performance Management System in accordance with the organisational strategy. Communicate with all members of staff and Instil culture of communication within the division.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Leadership and team management ,Change Management ,Business planning , Fundamental understanding of the latest trends in the Media Sales environment necessary to grow revenue in a fast changing broadcasting environment for Television, Radio, Digital and Mobile Budget management PFMA and relevant treasury regulations Strategic management  Legal standards and regulations  Strategy management Exceptional knowledge of commercial matters with specific focus on costs, profits and new business opportunities

Education and Experience: Postgraduate qualification with an emphasis on Marketing or equivalent qualification in Business .A relevant Masters or MBA qualification is recommended.

10 years’ experience in the media (Radio and Television) advertising environment with an emphasis on consumer or brand marketing, of which 5 years are at Senior Manager Level.

Key Leadership Competencies:

Strategic Thinking: The ability to conceptualise, prepare and develop strategies that will cope with changing environments and consider the various challenges that lie ahead.

Driving Results: The ability to recognise what results are important and the steps needed to achieve exceptional by applying effort where the most effective and economical outcome is identified.

People Management: The ability to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth by unlocking and channelling employee potential through developing, motivating and directing employees to support current and future business needs.

Stakeholder Connecting: The ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with individuals, groups or organisations with impact or interest in the work/project/organisational strategy both inside and outside the organisation.

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