Inform all Johannesburg Water staff and relevant internal stakeholders of issues and events that affect JW and the impact it will have upon them. Consult staff through formal communication channels about the development of policies, practice, and procedures. Engage in daily dealings with departments and internal organisational committees.

Develop and manage internal communication activities that involve and engage internal stakeholders across the province. Planning and administration of internal communications projects and events. Writing and editing the content to ensure accuracy. Coordinate and produce with the relevant service provider a concept about the company, to promote it to a wide range of audiences e.g., exhibitions. Develop, write and edit JW’s newsletter, the Pipeline, to educate, inform and notify employees about events, projects and changes in the organization. Officially take photos for the company for any event, including Access cards, Special Projects, and Exhibitions. Responsible for providing input into the JW website /intranet for information disseminating to a wide range of audiences. Managing and sourcing content for all JW screens. Ensure that all media and photographic material sourced is achieved. Edit any content sourced to ensure accuracy in publications and video presentations, etc. compile a company profile to promote it to its stakeholders by identifying key departments and conduct interviews either one on one, or via e-mail, then packaging this to a booklet form. Attend exhibitions, stakeholder forums, meetings and conferences and provide material that is distributed to stakeholders. Talk to stakeholders about JW and its services. Liaise with different stakeholders and gather information that would be used for future communication. Plan and coordinate the Managing Director’s Staff Broadcast and participate in the City of Johannesburg’s water and sanitation related Roadshows and write about the events, noting concerns regarding the Department e.g., Corporate Identity compliance. Assist in ensuring that all journalists have their press packs with press releases for relevant media tours and events. Organizing of corporate gifts. Daily read through media reports (Print, on-line, Broadcast) specific to JW and compile a report on those. Work with Customer Care Managers in the Regions on some of the media queries that have been sent through for immediate attention. Chair the relevant monthly meetings and co-ordinate inputs from different regions. Inform the six customer care officers about JW projects, which they will take back to their depot managers who will then talk to the rest of the employees during their weekly or monthly meetings.


Essential qualifications and experience:
• National Diploma in journalism/Public Relations Management/Corporate communications. (NQF6)
• 3 years’ experience in marketing and communications or Journalism environment
• Experience in research reporting, writing, and editing internal publications, pamphlets, broachers, editorials as well as presentation skills.
• Valid drivers’ license
Please forward your CV and qualifications to: quoting the relevant reference number and job title in the line subject of your correspondence.

Closing date: 13 July 2023

All the best with your applications

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    Are we still illegible all allowed to apply for the above mentioned vacancy is even though the closing date I have passed

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